Lay the groundwork for a successful career in auto-repair!

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This course is designed to encompass and engage you in every aspect of a successful career in the PDR industry.

 Our students will undergo a complete immersion in real world repair scenarios that will develop strong skill sets to build from. Learning will be tailored to each individual students comprehension. 

This approach crates a very comfortable and productive learning environment. Our students leave energized, excited and well equipped to start the most rewarding career.


per 2 week course

Get the tools of the trade

We provide all you need to start a successful PDR business. 

Our tool kits are made by Dent Craft and Ultra Dent, the leading manufacturers of PDR tools.

75-Piece Tool Set

The tools you need to start a successful career in the PDR industry.


Shop Light

This light is designed for a shop technician that will primarily repair out of a single location.

Our standard tool kit comes with a mobile light. By selecting this option the mobile light will no longer be in your tool package.


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