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With exceptional customer service and quality work, backed by a lifetime guarantee – DENTologist knows the business of dent repair better than anyone – and now we want to pass that expertise on to your team with top-notch classes, mentorship, and training from PDR expert Paul Juric.

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It’s easier than you think to train your team as Paintless Dent Repair specialists and offer valuable paintless dent repair services in a growing industry. Increase your body shop’s bottom-line, provide customers superior services, and keep work in-house!


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Receive ongoing support, attend master classes, and even purchase career-lasting quality tool packages hand-assembled by our experts. Our knowledge will help your business grow and expand its professional services to new clients.

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

At an average of $85/dent repaired, your revenue is limited only by your time. Even if you only repair one per day, that’s over $30,000/year in additional revenue for your business!

Exciting Downtime after Classtime

DENTologist is located steps from Calgary’s downtown, the Eau Claire Market, and revitalized East Village entertainment hub. When you’re not in the shop learning PDR, your extracurricular options are limitless.

Enjoy world-class restaurants, strolling along the Stephen Avenue pedestrian hub, shopping at over 300 stores in the CORE Shopping Centre, or taking in the sizzling evening nightlife.

But don’t have too much fun. We still expect your best when you show up for class in the morning!

Check out all that Downtown Calgary has to offer!

World-Class Venues & Events

Calgary is a jump-off point to unlimited fun and excitement, all within a few hours’ drive. Visit the city a few days before your class, or stay after, and we guarantee you’ll be entertained.

*Individual tool kits may vary

Tools of the PDR Trade

when you sign up for our class offerings, you’ll receive a branded, custom, specifically constructed set of durable PDR tools.